HelpAge launches

HelpAge International, the only global development charity focusing on older people in developing countries, today announced the launch of its new website.  is part of the charity's mission to build a global movement to support older people worldwide.

The website has been developed by Chameleon Interactive who have also worked with other leading international NGOs such as ActionAid and AMREF.

Jane Scobie, Director of Communications and Advocacy with HelpAge International said:

"We wanted the new website to be highly engaging, with lots of interactive features designed to give our global audience a voice. At the same time we wanted to give visitors more opportunities to get involved with our work, for example by pledging action, donating online or joining one of our social networking groups.

"The website has been designed to better reflect our recent re-brand, and also to be hard-hitting. It uses quizzes, films, life stories and other features to highlight  and challenges the inequality and poor treatment of older people across the world.

"We've scheduled the launch to tie in with our global advocacy campaign, Age Demands Action which takes place on 1 October, International Day of Older People." 

This website has a ‘real life' focus. The personal stories, photographs and films of older people bring to life the work we are doing at a practical level to improve older people's lives. You can meet the people whose lives we're helping to turn around, and even take a tour a 360 degree tour of Veronica's cafe, a small business in Thika, Kenya, that was set up with a loan from HelpAge.

Key features of the new HelpAge website include: 

  • Our mosaic presentation of films in which older people talk about age discrimination across the globe.
  • Our Invisible Workers quiz which uncovers the plight of older people who have to work day-in, day-out to make ends meet, but get little pay and no recognition or support.
  • Featured projects that show how we are helping to transform the lives of older people, for example our HIV and AIDS project in Africa. You canmeet the older people we work with and visit Veronica in her café, a small business she set up with a loan from HelpAge.
  • An online donations form that makes it easy for visitors to donate in 3 currencies.
  •  A new Get involved section so visitors can show their support older people across the world and sign the petition for this year's Age Demands Action campaign, as older people in nearly 50 countries gear up for a day of action on 1 October.
  • Ageing data including an animated ‘Ageing in motion' chart.
  • A more user-friendly and engaging blogs section. Visitors can also apply to write their own blogs.

Caroline Dobbing is the web editor of the new website. She says:

"Chameleon's Treeline content management system has given us a much more user-friendly way to update the website. We also now have the ability to launch microsites using the same system and thereby create a whole family of HelpAge websites!

"Our HelpAge España website was launched March 2010 and will be improved to include more functionality. We're also launching a Pension Watch microsite already in the next couple of months. Next steps are new websites for our Latin America audiences, and for our sister organisation HelpAgeUSA."

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