Manage the menu

Use this tool to arrange the position of your new page within the side-menu of the section.

Your page will be marked in red. Click and drag your page into the position you wish. To "demote" the page (i.e. to make the page a child of the page above it), simply drag it right. To promote it again, drag it left.

When you have arranged your page click Save changes & Edit content. This will lead to the next screen.

You can only move the page you are currently creating.

Stage three: Adding content

A note on menu management

We believe that Treeline has the most advanced menu management system of any CMS currently on the market. The simple drag and drop interface replaces the need to drill down through levels of folders, clicking each item in order to move them.

In addition pages can be moved from section to section by editing their attributes.

Treeline is extremely flexible and it gives you complete control over sections, pages and menus.