Quick Start Guide

This guide will show you how easy it is to create a standard web page in minutes.

Do not worry, you cannot break the system, and no technical skills are required.

The website

For demonstration purposes we have created a duplicate of the HelpAge website.

Obviously the design and specific functionality for this site meets HelpAge's requirements. It will not necessarily perfectly match your own requirements, but this is not a limitation of Treeline: it's simply a question of defining your requirements, and then deploying Treeline in the correct way for you.

During development the site functions best in FireFox but once launched any browser on a MAC and PC is supported.

First you need to log in to the website and Treeline. Log in to Treeline by visiting the login page for this site: http://treelinedemo.ichameleon.com/treeline

There are three standard levels of user - Superuser, Publisher and Author. Log in as a Publisher using:

  • Username: publisher
  • Password: guest

You are viewing the public website at:


Please note that we have left most of the content for the website in place. You can amend any content - it will not affect the live HelpAge website.

Stage one : Building a page