About Treeline CMS

Chameleon Interactive's core team has been developing proprietary systems for leading charities and blue chip companies since the early 1990s. Treeline is Chameleon's CMS product.

Treeline is designed to be extremely user-friendly and aims to make the technology invisible to the user, so you can concentrate on great communications without technology getting in the way.

If you can complete a simple web-based form and have a basic understanding of Microsoft Word, you'll have enough skills to use Treeline.

The system is web-based, so you can update and maintain your site from any Windows PC or Apple Mac. You don't need any plugins or updates, just a recent web browser.

Treeline makes managing your website easy, allowing you to concentrate on communications without technology getting in the way.

  • Simple to use. No training required for anyone who can already complete a web form or use basic Word functions
  • Scaleable. Because Chameleon Interactive developed Treeline, we have total control over the code, and can quickly adapt it to any requirement
  • Accessible. All Treeline sites are developed to adhere to W3C AA (or higher) accessibility standards, and to comply with Disability Discrimination and Data Protection legislation
  • Safe and secure. The simple-to-use approval methods within Treeline mean you can be sure your site won't include unwanted content. And password security prevents any non-users from hacking your CMS
  • Search engine optimised. Treeline's data structure, plain English URLs, clear navigation and Site map mean Google and other search engines can index your site and content accurately and effectively
  • Template driven for consistency and ease. As part of every project, custom designed page templates are created which ensure your site always looks good, regardless of the design skills of your page editors
  • Three user types, multiple administrators. Treeline has a hierarchy of users to ensure content is approved before it goes live. There is no practical limit to the number of administrators you can have
  • Fast page creation and editing. A new user can normally create a page using Treeline in less than 2 minutes. It's fast and simple to use, with a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) interface to let you preview as you create
  • Blogging. CMS administrators can create Blogs and invite the public to contribute. Depending on your specific requirements, Treeline can make Blogs open to all, or only to invited members. And Treeline can manage all of the moderation tasks you'd expect.
  • Forums. A fully integrated forum allows your users and members to discuss issues, respond to questions, and follow (or drive) activity on your site. As with all aspects of Treeline, forums can fully moderated.
  • Personalisation. Treeline includes personal profiles for anybody who registers to use a Blog or a Forum. This includes personalisation settings, so the user can adjust his/her own interaction with the website, and can get information which is personal to them.
  • Libraries offer better control. Treeline includes libraries where you can store "approved" images, documents and multimedia. This means senior administrators can accurately control, label and publish the images you want your site editors to use
  • Intelligence built in. Treeline includes intelligent "tagging" of content, so the system can make intelligent decisions about what links, documents or images to display
  • Auto-resized images. Any images you upload to the Treeline image library will be automatically compressed for use on the web, and resized to all of the sizes used in your website design. That means you don't need image editing software
  • Streaming media. Treeline allows you to stream video and audio through a custom-made Flash player
  • Menu management made easy. Treeline's exclusive Menu Manager allows you to structure your site's content with a simple and intuitive click and drag interface. Just drag the page to the place in the menu where you want it to sit
  • Email newsletters in seconds. Treeline includes a simple-to-use subscription service, so your site visitors can opt in to receive your email newsletters. To create and send a newsletter, you just use the WYSIWYG interface, and then click "Send". It takes just a couple of minutes. Subscriber databases can be downloaded or searched for a specific subscriber
  • Statistical feedback. Treeline's statistics package allows you to monitor visitor numbers, subscribers, favourite pages and paths through the site: everything you'd expect from a high-end stats package
  • Languages and microsites. As an advanced feature, Treeline can allow you to publish content in multiple languages, and even to create and modify new websites using our Microsite Builder. No technical expertise is required
  • Syndication and sharing. Treeline uses RSS to syndicate content in and out of your website. It can also be adapted to allow you to share content across language versions or microsites, if they are being used
  • Integration. We can integrate elements of the new website with existing legacy systems (such as eCRM, donor management etc)
  • Friendly URL's. Standard part of page creation and a feature of Treeline. Ideal for creating print campaign links e.g. www.sphinx.org/camaigns

Of course, because Treeline is entirely adaptable, the specific functions listed above can be excluded, extended, replaced or added to.

We recognise that every client has a unique requirement, and we always ensure Treeline meets your needs, rather than expecting you to adapt to use Treeline.