smiling boyWelcome to this Treeline demo site.

This site has been put together to allow you to try some of the core functions of Treeline CMS.This site is a copy of one that we currently have in production and you should note that it is not the complete Treeline solution.

You should be able to create pages within 5 to 10 minutes depending on your previous experience of CMS.

To get started please click the Where to start tab.

About this demo site

This site allows new users to try some of the core functions of Treeline CMS. Typically it will allow you to create pages, position them in the menu, format the content, add images and links. You are then able to save and publish your pages.

Visual design

The visual design of the site is based on a client site currently in production and it doesn't reflect how your site might look or feel. There are no limitations placed on the design by the CMS and Chameleon's designers would come up with a look appropriate to your organisation and audience. Click here to see a list of sample sites.

Links not working?

As this site is based on one currently in production, and tailored to a client, you may find occasional links that do not work.

This isn't an error in the CMS. We have left some content and links in to allow you to appreciate how pages could look and to complete the visual design of the demo site.

Enjoy using this demo and exploring the features of Treeline.

A note about browsers

These spaces can be used for text, images, video etc.  I'm using it to talk about browsers.

As you know there are lots of different browsers you can use on either a PC or a MAC. Whilst they all do the same job, they all work in subtly different ways. As developers it's our job to make sure that your site looks great in all browsers, on all types of machine, regardless of how good your web connection is.

In common with most agencies our developers prefer to do all initial site and CMS development in Firefox. Firefox is a very stable browser, typical of 90% of the browsers on the market and it has lots of useful tools to help our developers spot bugs and opportunities in the code as they develop.

This demo version, based on a work in progress, has been tested to destruction in Firefox. It will still work fine in other browsers but you might notice the occasional lay-out oddity we haven't spotted yet.

Our normal process is to develop in Firefox then test and correct any glitches (if they exist) in all browsers before final launch.

We never allow a client site to launch unless it's perfect.